character sheet

This system is strictly for combat
the purpose of this is to create a dynamic situation where all those who participate create a dynamic and entertaining world for all to enjoy.


Character creation is a simplified strip downed process designed to only identify the stats and items needed for combat. While actions and weapons are not identified they are mostly flavor and do not add a statistical benefit to the roll.

In the Akashik world everyone keeps their gear in a pocket dimension so weapons, armor, and equipment are not as important as story.

Stats are created by a simple die roll. roll 2d6 (or 1d12) for each stat
hit points 2d6 (or 1d12) plus age
(see character sheet)

0 prior to combat roll a d6 to determine who goes first. Highest roll goes first
1 declare action
2 roll for success(d6 plus applicable skill) opposed involved party rolls to contest (d6 plus applicable skill) highest total wins (if a 1 is rolled it is considered an oops) if rolls are a tie then roll stamina plus d6 as a tie breaker
3 if act is magic and successful then roll for stun as well as damage, if oops occurs roll for stun to see if you self stun.
4 damage is a d6
5 if stunned roll every turn for recovery (recovery is the only action you can perform while stunned)
6 stun and recovery is a d6, on a 4 or higher you pass, 3 and lower fails
7 if response to an action is an opposed action then repeat step 1-6 for the opposing party

Oops are any creative fumble style effect. OOPS can never be beneficial to the person who failed. If the fight involves group(S) then oops can not benefit the group of the person who fumbled.

Applicable skills
strength is for melee
intelligence is for cosmic magic
dexterity is for melee magic, special skills, and motions that are not attacks

Character sheets attached.