Please help me keep going. Show a little support. This doesn’t HAVE to be with money. (more)

If Akashik doesn’t update in two weeks after this page goes up, don’t fret.  It’s inbetween chapter time, and there are some errands I have to attend to before I go back to making pages. The biggest of those errands is making sure the scripts for the next chapter is on point, and life hasn’t let me take care of that as quickly as I would have liked.

In the meantime here’s a bit of housekeeping. If this comic isn’t loved, it will die. Period. Money isn’t always the answer, BTW. You can also…

  1. Vote through TWC and help it rise in rank.
  2. Comment here and tell us what you like
  3. Convert hapless innocent victims to the Akashik pup following
  4. Cosplay our characters at conventions
  5. Sacrifice Barbie dolls to Belial in Akashik’s name
  6. Have lively debates about various Akashik-related mysteries
  7. Write filk songs in Akashik’s honor
  8. Fan art! We loves the fan art.

Although I admit, the financial support would help. I like being able to pay for the website! I’m crazy that way.