We’re only on page seven on the website, but for supporters chapter 2 has wrapped up and we’re getting ready for what’s next!

Chapter end! Made it with time to spare, which means I’ll be focusing on the Heavenly Bride a while and getting that back going again… even if it’s dicey right now. A lot of people have lost their voice on the internet. They say they’re getting rid of problematic voices, but before Parler was taken down there were small people coming forward that never spoke outright and were confused why them.

Akashik’s internet host provider is one of the companies taking part in this culling. Even though I don’t necessarily do anything to get taken down or attacked, I’m not comfortable staying with these guys so I have to make moves to get away if I can find what’s safe to actually go to.  The problem: my internet savvy isn’t really up to what some hosting providers expect. Aaaand switching can be expensive.

We shall see how it goes.