Lately I’ve been experimenting with voice recognition as a way to write my stories faster while handling other matters. It was slow going at first but three days later, today, the computer is catching on to me and I’m catching on to this.

As a matter of fact, I am writing this post by using speech recognition. The frustrating part is that I keep saying the wrong command and then everything I have said is undone, and the browser goes to another page that I have open. I’m not sure why it keeps doing that but I want to kill things.

One plus to using speech recognition to dictate what you need to do as far as being a storyteller goes, is that you can pet your cat and work at the same time. My cat, Parakeet, is currently a very happy kitty.

This experiment has been so successful so far, I realize that I need to get a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking. I also need to upgrade the PHP on this website. Both are costly, but both are also important for you getting to enjoy my stories. Less see how it goes, shall we?

In the meantime, as of yesterday, the comic is scheduled ahead of time up to May. Look: 67% complete for the chapter! I know that it only updating every other week helps out with the schedule, but you’re supposed to be able to read in advance if you join the Hammerspace. I haven’t had anyone test it just yet.