Want to name an intergalactic race? Keep reading for more details.

Another reveal, but I have no plans for this race aside from maybe making stuff for the RBT game. I was just in the mood to make something like this. I’m not sure of the specie name at this time… so why not cast your vote?

It’s not hard. Just go into the Hammerspace and leave me a comment under one of my posts. (Doing this is free, but you have to be logged in and respond to a post. And hopefully the system will let me know you said something..) In a few days I will put all of the suggestions into a box or hat and draw the lucky winner.  There are a couple of rules to this, though: 1. No pornographic/obscene suggestions. 2. No slanderous/hateful suggestions. 3. No trademarked/otherwise unavailable suggestions.