I kind of feel like She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is forcing my hand, at this point. LOL. You may recall I had made note that their revamped Eternia held a lot of similarities to my own creations. Great minds think alike. And some things are just… stereotyped I guess.

But enter Double Trouble, and I knew I was going to have to start revealing my designs and/or finishing some designs a bit faster just to prove I’m not imitating anything.

This lovely lady here is named Ruffles. She’s a Raylon. The specie was named thus by Tim, the other half of this endeavor, because I was calling her “Random Reptilian Number 1”. Yes, I know she bears a resemblance to Double Trouble. I will freely admit that when it comes to her style, I was already leaning towards that look so studied DT a bit. I like Double Trouble’s design but don’t want to copy it. Although DT did convince me it was okay for my lizards to have a tail. In fact I decided I liked it.

If you read the original Akashik, you will know there was already a Raylon established in the canon. Only – he looked a lot more lizardlike than Ruffles here. I have decided going that route with all of the lizards just didn’t look good enough – which is the biggest reason why the naga have been changed as much as they have (which you will see eventually). So Ruffles was developed as my basic template to create more characters off of. I have a lot of species templates in my library for various things. Wait until you see the Prrsha, which are essentially cat people.

Fun things about the Raylon: 1) They’re basically dragon people. You can’t see it here, but Ruffles has ridges. On her nose.  That’s one thing that shows her dragon-ness, besides the ears.  2) They prefer to wear skin-fitting clothing that allows them to move around. Most of their clothes are created with cloth that warms them – they’re cold-blooded after all. 3) For “magic” they have 3 innate abilities if they choose to learn them: co-location and sidestepping (which you have seen Taus do), precognitive abilities, and emitting mood-changing pheromones. Sorry, no shapeshifting! That’s for a different specie in Akashik – and something else you have seen Taus do anyway.

If you want to see more species reveals, let me know. These sorts of developments are planned for the RBT game anyway. Although for the record, the voting incentives will sometimes be reveals like this one.