Yes, the Akashik website was gone. It was taken down for a lot of reasons, but the main two were financial duress (which goes way beyond hardship) and lack of readership. I wasn’t happy with the way the story was panning out anyway; the entire script needed tightening up. So I set it aside until such a time as I can stop working 15 hour days on commissions to concentrate on it.

In the meantime, Akashik’s sister comic, The Heavenly Bride, is still alive and kicking as much as I can keep it going considering things. If you never found it, don’t worry. Akashik was a space comedy and The Heavenly Bride is a sappy and very serious romance. The art styles were and still are very different. If you want to check it out, it can be found at

As far as Akashik goes, I poke at the script sometimes and work on the new art style I have planned. My hands aren’t as healthy as they used to be, so I’m turning to 3D as a way to get it done and develop some consistency. I will spend a lot of hours creating models that look like how I drew the characters in the first place. I may be switching platforms, but I want my style to stay my style.

My ultimate plan is once The Heavenly Bride is done, I’ll swing back into Akashik. If I can live long enough to do it that is.