Well, as happens I’ve got computers parts dying dying dying but I still try to carry on.

However I have to admit I’m not happy with the time buffer I have left in the Akashik cue. I fret that there might be a space of time very soon where things are delayed for the next update.

There are a couple of reasons for the delay. The first is after the last operation (they said it was the last one, period) things have never settled down. The second is that for fun and profit I narrate audiobooks. This is not always as lucrative as it sounds, but it’s *supposed* to let me have a life where my comics, singing, acting, etc aren’t interfered with beyond a certain level.

Whelp. This latest book has been a bear, so things are mightily interfered with. The ad said they wanted an articulate person. I’m articulate.

What they didn’t say is they needed that person to essentially be multi-lingual.  I blame my school for not teaching me how to properly pronounce ancient Greek… but ancient Norse? Philippine Islands? Blah argh?  So it’s 3 or more weeks past deadline and I’m only just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with it.  I can only hope I reach that light in time to keep Akashik flowing properly.

This of course means that the main drive that contained Akashik – a Walmart product so I shouldn’t be too surprised – decided to start dying in the past couple of weeks. I’ve had to take precious work time today to protect things…. And Charlie, my main computer, had a video card death. This isn’t surprising because if there’s one thing I can do, it’s wear a video card out.  (sighs) He already had his case going out on him in various spots… I guess with the extra work load the wear and tear is now wearing thin.

But it was Akashik fans that kept me going in the past, and I have to say: guys? These are the same things you helped me get many years ago. They survived all this time, when once upon a time that wasn’t the case. Hoozah. You guys are good luck for me.

My current “keep things going” goals are: obtaining a few solid state hard drives.  Setting two of those drives to mirror so that if one goes down, there will be a second copy of Akashik and other important things. Get battery backups: the ones I had died something like 3 years ago or so. Get Charlie a new case, and new video cards all around (as Akashik is now created on TWO computers). No, really, most of the ports on the one he has now are dead. I need ports. Preferably get a new case with a more powerful power supply, but really I just want to keep working on this story.

I mean isn’t it great looking? I spent my hiatus well.

Anyway, let me just remind my pups that in the Hammerspace are free items as well as items you can only see if you support me financially. At this point in time, those aren’t many… it’s mostly so you can read ahead (you can also vote to *sometimes* read ahead.) and as I said before the buffer is very very thin.

I also re-added my coffee shop widget as folks seemed to prefer that.

Praise me. =^-^=