Akashik has space cats in the universe. I know none have shown up yet, but at least one will eventually. Anyway, it has space cats.

It has space cats because I’ve always liked the concept of space cats. C. J. Cherryh’s Pride of Chanur and related titles only made things worse. The cream on top of the cocoa is that the Baghavadum not only mentions the space cats, but talks about when they decided this Earth’s affairs were too much drama and left to close their borders. Man. Space cats.

While developing the look of Akashik’s space cats, I ended up on yet another artistic tangent and began making sexy space cats in space. They started out as bookmarks, but I’m currently making them full on images. Here are pictures for you to look at involving said space cats.

If you want prints of the space cats, you can visit my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/spearcarrier – I’m trying to earn enough money to feed my real life kitties, interestingly enough. I have 20 now. I’m not joking.

This random art attack was brought to you by the letters S, S, C and S.