The Taus Figurine.

I had had these made in a limited number back when I was producing the last Akashik – and then put the bulk of them in a closet. I’ve only been bringing a couple with me to conventions ever since. Sure, yeah, they sell. But 1 or 2 a year doesn’t whittle away the stack very quickly.

I’ve never been completely happy with their manufacture… I think in the future for figurines I’ll invest in a 3D printer or something. But in the meantime, I have these guys. Sometimes I’ll tweak them out: change the color of their dress or give the bottle glitter. I’ve been thinking about getting more brave in my tweaks, though… make a steampunk Taus, and then a lolita Taus, etc etc, so every one will be different and better looking too.

But usually what I bring are unedited figurines.

If you want to be one of the few that have one, your best bet is to find my table at the ARCHON St. Louis sci-fi convention. Or you can ask me to ship you one if you live in the states. They go for $50, not including shipping unless I can find a way for it not to rape my wallet.