Where I thoroughly enjoy that people come to read this comic, and I’m very tickled to learn there are many players out there of the RBT Game, the comics, the game, none of the things I am putting here have gotten enough support to pay for things.

All computer upgrades, system maintenance, bandwidth, hours it takes to create things, etc. are footed entirely by me and the other half. (Mostly the other half these days, as my own work hasn’t picked up to it’s old momentum.)

There has been an error with Paypal. To make a horror story short, I tried to pay something out of funds that were in the account. But Paypal, as it does often, had it’s own ideas and tried to pull funds from an account that didn’t have the funds – despite me telling it to use the funds that were already there.  When this happens, you get bounces. You get extra fees. You get a goddamn mess, which is why I avoid using Paypal more and more these days.

What this means for you, O Cerberus Pups, is that if I can’t get things straight in time to cover the automatic drafts that pay for this website and the rest of the shebang, things will go down. From the instant things go down, I will be under a ticking time bomb… how long until I lose the domains? I can tell you it’s not as long as you’d think, and I’ve seen what this site is worth. I’ve no doubt someone will scoop things up as soon as they can.

So if you can help out, even if it’s only a little, I would greatly appreciate it. If you help out through the Hammerspace, you’ll have access to the perks hidden therein. Patreon and the ice cream shop don’t have as many perks, but I do try. And yes, please give me suggestions for perks if you think it’s doable and legal. And won’t get my kicked out of using Paypal and the other ways I use to collect my commission money.

And thank you! Blackly.