(The Random Battle Tabletop Game)

Written by K. J. Joyner, with essential help by gaming guru Tim Belcher.

As part of my character creation and writing process, I create animations and role-play the character with the hubby and a friend. The rules the hubby and I created for this are relatively simple on purpose. I am putting this system out free for personal use.


You used to be able to come to this page for a general rundown of the rules, but the rulebook has gotten larger and larger the more I add for my personal benefit. (I desire consistency in the writing process, so there are things.)

You may find the rule book at DrivethruRPG – click here.

For now the book is pay what you like. Obviously I hope you’ll support Akashik by playing the game and spreading the disease (and donating when you get a copy of the book). Akashik and other projects can’t survive without the funds it takes to keep things running, after all.


You only need your brain, a character sheet and two 6 sided dice (2D6). If you don’t have 2D6 or even only one, here is an online dice roll generator: https://rollthedice.online/en/dice/2d6

Players can meet through our discord server, the RBTGame area. Permanent link here: https://discord.gg/sSjb5US

The server has a bot to roll dice for you.

I’m not Discord savvy so it’s mostly ignored. Nobody goes there.


This game’s original purpose was for me to play out scenarios as part of my writing process, so it’s designed for me to be able to play alone. You don’t need to have other players or a game master. However, designating a game master when playing with a large group of people is a good idea. That’s up to you, which is why you actually do need your brain to figure things out.

In the Akashik world most people keep gear in a personal pocket dimension, which is something like a fabricated wormhole. It’s like a cosmic, inter-dimensional luggage bag. (The slang for them is ‘hammerspace’. ) The amount of weapons and other gear owned by your character is not limited… except upon character creation.

The primary rule in this game is: No godmoding allowed. (I most likely will repeat this.) When first created, your character can only have 5 items in their hammerspace. But you can pick up items as go along in your character’s life.

Speaking of the hammerspace, if your character isn’t holding any items in their hand then most likely everything is being kept in that inter-dimensional luggage pocket. (You know, the one they call a hammerspace.) This means if your character needs to get something, they must retrieve it from said space.

An important thing about my method is it helps to avoid the creation of Mary Sues. Because Mary Sues suck the life out of good writing. (And good game play.)

This game was created mostly for combat. If you want to role-play in between fights or use the rules for other types of altercations, that’s up to you.


There are a lot of species in the world Akashik, even if only a few will be given spotlights in the comic (for now). They each will have their own ups and downs that play a large part character creation.

The book has short chapters for each specie as I flesh them out. It’s my hope to fix the online bible wiki, which will have more extensive information just in case someone would like to roleplay accurately.


I also will sometimes release physical items you’ll be able to get at conventions or by mail order. I mentioned this a lot, but I’ll dedicate a section to it anyway. A way to give your character skills, bonuses, and other additions past the rules set in this playbook is through things like card extras. These are known as hammerspace cards.

Hammerspace cards are collectible game cards for different things. They can be an item, a magical spell, character modifications, and whatever I think of. Card extras was invented for the game to appease the gaming guru’s sense of over-complication. You don’t need them to play.

So long as you have one of these cards to go with your character sheet, they can be considered part of your character’s makeup. They also go beyond your character’s limits.

Supporters through the Hammerspace will get rare NPC character downloads, and other things if I can think of it. Mostly the Hammerspace is a place for random art and being able to read comics in advance of their update schedule.

Sample character sheets can be found in the back of the rulebook. Here is the link to find it again: