The new Akashik finally begins! Break out the wine!

Also, the first NPC free character sheet that belongs to the RBT game has been posted for your free download. You can find it by entering the Hammerspace (the button in the right top). Find the gallery entitled “Free NPC Character Sheets” and download the image by right clicking on it.

Peeps who support me through the Hammerspace will get to see other things that nonsupporters can’t see, although I haven’t figured out what yet. It’s set up so it’s possible. I just dunno what yet. Ideas welcome!

I would also like to mention that if you donate to Akashik through the Hammerspace, you currently *should* be redirected to a thank you note with the download link for a PDF of the chapter as I have it created so far. This will be subject to changes as I see fit.