I would have liked to spend time on the next page I’m working on but ended up tweaking some of Bella’s colors instead. This means I made another wallpaper just for the fun of it. This is a small version. You hopefully can pick up a bigger version at the Top Web Comics space – https://www.topwebcomics.com/mgcomic/25588/wallpapers – where I put other such wallpapers. (I’m also going to fill in the links to portion of this to see if I can get the paper to link to where the larger version is housed. Wish me luck.)

In other comic-making news, my trial use of Comic Life 3 has run out. I can make pages. I can’t export them for upload without them being watermarked to death. Be that as it may, I intend to somehow come up with the money to get a full license as I really like how professional the pages (and the lettering) looked using it. If you want to help you can click one of the support buttons on this page, I guess.