Fox, oh Fox. You darling you, Fox. If you know Akashik, then you know his look has painstakingly been worked to remain largely the same. This was not easy. I did tweak his hair color, but his eyes remain blue. Good ol’ brooding, moody Fox…. whose name is going to be changed, BTW. Yep. I’m changing his name.

Today is 3-27-18 and I’m uploading this to schedule for a future update. So I will tell you that I recently discovered the new show Final Space. Not a bad show, but honestly I was wondering how many cult classic shows could one cartoon reference in 30 seconds flat. It had Star Wars, Red Dwarf, and possibly even Beetlejuice…. oy… Space Odyssey…. Which only annoyed me in the lack of originality. The jokes are fine, but when a show rides solely on pop culture references it gets tired.

Then it did, sequence for sequence, a scene that matched one of the old Akashik comics. Panel for panel. And I just… paused in my thoughts.

Believe it or not it’s likely that Akashik inspired things, just like there was a certain (item redacted) that outright stole things years ago. But I also know the scenario they took from is a trope, a common one. So it’s much MORE likely that great minds think alike. Oh yes. Definitely more likely.

I thought my, how glad I am that I’m reworking Akashik the way I am. Because Akashik’s themes keep showing up in mainstream media, and I simply do not want to be accused of stealing from another show when that’s not the case. You only get away with it when you’re a large studio with a big budget. 😉

Final Space actually is well written and I’m enjoying it. I just hope they’re able to move past the pop references and go for the gold.