This little girl showed very early on in the old comic. IF she’s real at all, or just a figment of Taus’s imagination. Or. Whatever. I will tell you that there’s a side story about her in Book 2 of The Heavenly Bride.

I’ve been watching the new She-ra show, and I’m mildly annoyed because their magickal denizens have colored hair and the world is a mixture of bio and tech. Whiiiich… is Akashik’s world. And sort of was She-ra’s world ages ago, but not like this. They’ve really fleshed it out.

Now I know great minds think alike, and this sort of world set up isn’t new. But It does have me face palming, because I don’t like being like everyone else and part of me is screaming, “Dang it I was here first!”

After a good night’s sleep I woke up able to see how the core is alike because that’s the trope, but I’ve got differences. And I shall continue to work on them.