Production uploads to this website almost suffered a delay. I’m not sure by how long, either.

In brief, there was a financial bad boom…. and maybe yet another altercation with my internet company, whom I hate hate hate hate loathe hate spit spit phooey phooey.  They wanted money without warning us they were cutting us off. They cut us off. We didn’t have the money.

Thanks to the Patreon pups, part of the money they wanted was there and I was able to restore connectivity. Which is good, because the internet is usually how I make a living.

And in other news, COVID has made it’s way to my house. I’m not very sick yet.  It’s the other half who has it. He also happens to be an essential worker, so even with quarantines and other situational tidbits it was coming for us. But then again they did predict everyone and their brother would have caught the thing sooner or later. No one is safe, as it were.

The virus has a very high survival rate. In our case, however, we have mitigating circumstances that make getting COVID a bit on the dangerous side. To compound matters, his paycheck that he was supposed to get today *didn’t arrive*. So there was no money for the copay to get the medicine the doctor prescribed…

…which is only steroids anyway.

It came out briefly that maybe COVID was already in the United States and a large portion of America had already had the virus at least once already. Snap to about a full year ago when everyone in our town was sick with some unknown, unnamed disease the doctors refused to treat. It had the same symptoms as COVID. It felt HORRIBLE. And what you got for your trouble of going to the doctor was…


Can’t say it was the same virus. But I can say I’m pretty sure this is going to suck just as much as last year.  I’m already pulling out the home remedy stops, because in my experience I’ve always had to treat myself. Which experience comes in handy at times like these.