As of this posting, Chapter One of Akashik is about halfway done.  What?? you say. But! Does this mean the chapter is super short? We’re only up to page 5!!!!!eleventyoneoneone

Actually as of me writing this post, I have it created up to page 12. (I’d be a lot farther along, but DAZ Studio has taken up this annoying habit of crashing. Frequently.) You’re not seeing all of the pages here yet. Supporters who help out using the Hammerspace can read ahead if they so wish, but this here website has a schedule that helps me keep my sanity.

Now I have to ask please do not do to Akashik what was done to The Heavenly Bride. DO NOT share the secret pages publicly and kill the super secret club nature of reading ahead. If you do I’ll have to stop sharing pages in advance, and that will make things pretty dull in the Hammerspace. For Akashik to survive this second attempt, it depends on reader support in some form or another be it through the Hammerspace, book sales, the figurines finding a home… something. I don’t like the idea of people not getting something nifty in return for helping out, and this is why the Hammerspace has that perk. Don’t fuck it up for everyone.

To be clear. Just because I use the internet as a publishing platform does not mean you deserve to have it completely for free. I’m not your slave. Taus appreciates her freedom, and so do I. =^-^=

Will you be coming to see me at Archon in St. Louis next month? I plan to be there, usual vendor room, same great time.

Be prepared to filk!